Template FAQs

How do templates work?

Every template is installed for you.

Within 24 hours after purchase, an administrator permission will be sent to the email address associated with your Squarespace account. Once accepted, the site will be inside your account and ready to edit.

Intro Video

Watch this 3 minute video to learn more about how templates work once they are in your Squarespace account.

Do I need to use developer mode?

No – everything is done within Squarespace’s normal platform and developer mode is never used.

How do I add content and style my template?

It’s easy! Simply add in your content and style in site styles like your normally would.

Do I need to know CSS?

Each templates uses a small amount of CSS but most changes can be done within site styles. If you are comfortable with CSS, you are more than to make any changes.

If you don’t know CSS, that’s okay too! Making changes to the CSS is not a requirement too using and enjoying any of our templates.

Each template includes their own guide, which goes over all the CSS included.

Do you need my Squarespace login?

No! We do not ask for your Squarespace log in. You should never give anyone your login.

Are your templates blog and ecommerce ready?

Blog and ecommerce pages are not styled within the templates, but can be easily added with Squarespace’s built-in blog and commerce features.

What template family are the templates?

All templates are built and designed in Squarespace 7.0 within the Custom Template – which is part of the Brine template family.

Templates for 7.1 will become available once Squarespace 7.1 becomes more publicly available. At this time 7.1 is still in testing.

Can I add plugins from Ghost to the template?

Of course! As long as that plugin works with the Brine template family, you can add as many plugins to your template as you’d like.

Can a template be installed into my existing site?

At this time, all templates are designed and built into new trial accounts. We are currently looking into this option!

Do you offer any type of template support?

We proudly offer a 6 month template support period. We can help with any issues related directly to the template itself.

We are unable to add in your content or provide any assistance with Squarespace related questions, inquiries, or platform bugs.

Can I return a template?

If you purchase a template and it has not yet been transferred to your Squarespace account, you may cancel and receive a full refund.

Unfortunately, templates that are already installed cannot be refunded or exchanged with other templates. If a template is purchased and no longer needed, please feel free to use it for a different project.

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