Mega Minimal Archive Block

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Give the archive block a more clean and larger style. This plugin uses css editor and works with all template families.


How To Install

From your Squarespace account, go to the Custom CSS Editor. Copy and paste the code below into the Custom CSS Editor box.

// Larger Archive Block //

.sqs-block-archive .archive-block-setting-layout-dropdown.archive-block-wrapper {
  background: #ffffff;
  border: 1px solid #EEEEEE;
  color: #000000;
  padding: 20px;
  font-size: 16px;
  font-family: Poppins;
  text-align: center;


There are a few ways you can customize:

  • Background, border, color: These target the colors of the block, border, and text.

  • Padding: This will make the archive block smaller or larger in size.

  • Font size, family, and align: Adjust the font and its style within the archive block.


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