Newly Added.

Remove Mobile Navigation Gap

Redirect After Form Submission

Remove Arrow Backgrounds (Slideshow Gallery)

Change $0 Price To Say Free

Month & Year Styling Calendar Block

Image Poster Gradient On Hover

Drop Cap First Letter

Designed By Credit

Minimal Info Box

Solid Underline Header Text

Bottom Border Folder Navigation

Rounded Corners Folder Navigation

Gradient Folder Navigation

Background Image Folder Navigation

Solid Drop Shadow Button

Solid Shadow Drop Shadow Social Icons

Hyperlink Line Animation

Footer Top Border

Simple Pricing Table

Emoji Cursor

Button With Background Image

Minimal Pricing Table - Gradient Version

Minimal Pricing Table - Humaaans Edition

Minimal Pricing Table - Lite Version

Minimal Pricing Table - Dark Version

Minimal Pricing Table + Background Image

Fade Out First Index Page

Smoother (And Better Looking) Fonts

Browser Scrollbar Color

Text Highlight Selection Color

Display Tagline On Mobile

Full Width Instagram Feed

Image Split Screen

1 Image Per Row On Mobile (Grid Gallery)

3 Images Per Row On Mobile (Grid Gallery)

Center Footer Text On Mobile

Cookie Banner Rounded Corners

Cookie Banner Color

Cookie Banner Gradient Color

Mobile Info Bar Color

Mobile Info Bar Gradient Color

Criss Cross Grid Gallery

Bounce Grid Gallery

Zoom Grid Gallery

Highlighted Grid Gallery

Text Block Menu

Image Overlay On Text

Yes! Custom Fonts