Common questions.

How will I receive my template after purchase?

After purchase, an administrative permission will be sent to the email linked to your Squarespace account. After you approve that permission, we’ll then transfer site ownership to you.

Are there any do-it-yourself videos I need to follow?

Nope – all templates are fully designed and ready to go for you to make it your own. Simply add in your content and style like normal in site styles. We made it easy!

Do the templates use any CSS?

Some templates use a small amount of CSS. If you are comfortable with CSS, you are welcomed to make any changes. If you don’t know CSS, that’s okay too! You do not need to touch the CSS if you don’t want it. Knowing and editing CSS is not a requirement to enjoying any template.

Do I need developer mode or photoshop?

You do not need dev more or any other third party software. Everything is done through Squarespace’s public platform.

Do templates work with blogs and ecommerce?

Blog or ecommerce pages and styling are not included within the template. However, these can still be easily added from Squarespace’s built-in blog and ecommerce features.

What template family are the templates?

All templates are built and designed within the Custom Template – which is part of the Brine template family.

Can I use the plugins from Ghost on the templates?

Of course! As long as that plugin works with the Brine template family, you can add as many plugins to your template as you’d like.

Can the template be installed into my existing website?

At this time, all templates are designed and built into new trial accounts. We are currently looking into this option!

Do you offer any type of template support?

We proudly offer friendly template help to anyone who has purchased a template within the first 6 months. We can help with any issues related directly to the template itself but are unable to add in your content or provide any assistance with Squarespace related questions or inquiries.

If you have a Squarespace related question, reach out to their friendly customer care team!

Can I ask for a refund?

Unfortunately, templates are a digital product and cannot be refunded or exchanged. Please be sure to review the template’s live demo and description before purchasing. If you have any questions, please message us. We’re always happy to help!